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The following Forms are available upon individual request at the IP Australia - Patents-Trade Marks-Designs (IP Australia) or its State Offices. Meanwhile, if you notice any change of the Form ID or Form's Title, please feel free to notify us as soon as you can.

D/00/001 Application/Convention Application for Registration of a Design
D/00/001(b) Statement in Support of an Application
D/00/003 Request for Expedited Consideration of an Application for the Registration of a Design Form 3, Sub-Regulation 9(2)
D/00/005 Request for Direction under Section 20B of the Design Act
D/00/006 Request for Alteration of the Register of Designs
D/00/007 Application for Extension or Further Extension of the Period of Registration of a Design
D/00/008 Notice of Matter Material to Newness or Originality of Design
D/00/009 Application for Licence
D/00/010 Application for Extension of Time
D/00/011 Application for Special Leave to Adduce Further Evidence in Opposition
D/00/012 Application for Time and Place for Hearing of Opposition
D/00/013 Request for Exercise of Registrars Discretionary Powers
D/00/014 Request to Enter Name of Subsequent Owner upon Registrer of Designs
D/00/021 Design Lodgement Schedule
D/01/002 Examining Officer's Clear Report
D/02/001 Guidelines for Representations

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