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Software to Download (Shareware Applications for Inventors)

  • Download JET API 3270 (Size: 4.22 MB)
    (All JET family products are available for free evaluation. To be able to download an application, you have to select the product you are interested in, and fill in the following details about yourself.)
    You may need this application to access IP Australia Mainframe.
  • MochaSoft Telnet TN3270
    (Software application you may use to access the IP Australia Databases)
    Windows 3.11 Windows 95/NT
    Mocha W16 TN3270 Mocha W32 TN3270
    Power Macintosh Java
    Mocha TN3270 Mocha TN3270
    When you do the settings, type:
    Host Name:
    Port No.:         23 (default Telnet port)
    Terminal Type: 3279 or 3279 model 2 or 3

Note: The above software packages links are provided for your convenience. Licensing arrangements, if any, are the responsibility of the user.

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