Copyright - HOW to apply for?

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Since the registration of copyright is left to the author/creator personal choice in most of the countries, it will be very difficult (if not impossible!) to cover a such topic in this page.
Hopefully, we will manage to keep your interest still alive with our presentation of some particular copyright proceedses.

While use of a copyright notice was once required as a condition of copyright protection, it is now optional. Use of the notice is the responsibility of the copyright owner and does not require advance permission from, or registration with, a Copyright Office.
Under the copyright law, the creator of the original expression in a work is its author. The author is also the owner of copyright unless there is a written agreement by which the author assigns the copyright to another person or entity, such as a publisher.

If you want to register your work in US, you need to submit a completed application form (forms may be downloaded from the US Copyright Office website), a non-refundable filing fee, and a non-returnable copy or copies of the work to be registered.
The time the US Copyright Office requires to process an application varies from 6 to 8 months, depending on the amount of material the Office is receiving.

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