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The following Forms are available upon individual request at the IP Australia - Patents-Trade Marks-Designs (IP Australia) or its State Offices. Meanwhile, if you notice any change of the Form ID or Form's Title, please feel free to notify as soon as you can.

D/00/001 Application/Convention Application for Registration of a Design
D/00/001(b) Statement in Support of an Application
D/00/003 Request for Expedited Consideration of an Application for the Registration of a Design Form 3, Sub-Regulation 9(2)
D/00/005 Request for Direction under Section 20B of the Design Act
D/00/006 Request for Alteration of the Register of Designs
D/00/007 Application for Extension or Further Extension of the Period of Registration of a Design
D/00/008 Notice of Matter Material to Newness or Originality of Design
D/00/009 Application for Licence
D/00/010 Application for Extension of Time
D/00/011 Application for Special Leave to Adduce Further Evidence in Opposition
D/00/012 Application for Time and Place for Hearing of Opposition
D/00/013 Request for Exercise of Registrars Discretionary Powers
D/00/014 Request to Enter Name of Subsequent Owner upon Registrer of Designs
D/00/021 Design Lodgement Schedule
D/01/002 Examining Officer's Clear Report
D/02/001 Guidelines for Representations

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