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  • protection apply differnt jurisdiction from one country to another (e.g. the UK system provides for two types of design protection - the registered design under Registered Design Act, and the design right which does not require registration; the US system provides protection for industrial designs under design patent law; Japan provides protection for designs under the Dessign Law)
  • ...a design application elects to specify the features in respect of which monopoly is claimed but not include a claim as to the novelty of these features
  • protects the appearance to the eye and could range from small to large products with the same design
  • ...when a design application succeed, protection dates back to the date which you lodged your application
  • reminders are given by the Design Registration Office when to apply for extensions of registration (you must keep your own records)
  • ...within 11 months of a design registration, under Australian Design Act, any person may challenge the registration (a design application specification is only published after registration)

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