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Corporate IP Portfolio management and administration

  • CPA Memotech 2004 - a browser-based IP software that helps companies manage their entire portfolios
    Built on the latest Microsoft" .NET platform, CPA Memotech 2004 Modules allow businesses to capture, store and retrieve IP related information (e.g. Patent - manage patent portfolios from submission to renewals; Invention Submission - on-line entry and review of submissions and related communications; Trademark - manage trademark portfolios from searching to renewals; Third-Party Patent - store information about external patents and trademarks; Licensing & Agreement - manage contracts from initiation to renewals and termination; Inventor Remuneration - manage awards granted to inventors for each invention; Domain Name - manage information from submission to filing)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision) is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that helps you simplify and streamline your highly specialized business processes, rapidly adapting to the unique way you do business.
    Note: Microsoft Dynamics NAV facilitates integration between corporate key components (e.g. accounting, project management, IP Portfolio files, contact management etc.)
  • Management and Docketing Software Systems
    IP, trademark and patent docketing, management and workflow automation software systems.
    Note: WebTMS is now available as a hosted ASP system. You can purchase the WebTMS system and install it on your own network or log on to a hosted ASP system running on IPPO IP Online Ltd's servers.
  • LEX" - IP Management
    LEX" for IP Management helps in control registration and filing details for patents, designs, trade marks and domain names etc.
    Note: LEX" offers free trials

Patent Data Mining

  • Aureka" - Online patent analysis and collaboration
    Aureka" is MicroPatent's subscription-based Web application which makes the wealth of information available in patent databases accessible to appropriate decision-makers throughout an enterprise.
    Key functions: Searching - Search using a comprehensive meta-database of worldwide patent documents; ThemeScape - Use this powerful text analysis tool to map thousands of documents at once; Citation Tree - Trace the geneology of any set of patents using Citation Trees; Reporting - Automatically generate the chart that most powerfully makes your point; Search, Organize, Group
  • Metrics Group
    Metrics Group - - free patent citation search and display tool. Iteratively search through generations of patent references and view forward and backward patent references at the same time.
  • incom PATWARE" - INCOM offers direct access to the INPADOC PFS und PRS data of more than 65 Patent Offices worldwide.
    With PatLegal you have direct access to the INPADOC PFS und PRS data of more than 65 Patent Offices worldwide.
    The PFS database brings together patent publications with similar claims from a wide range of countries. The publications are sorted into "families", so that the user can find out in what countries a patent for a given invention has been applied for or granted. This makes it easier for companies to monitor the import and export strategies of their competitors and to determine the countries in which the invention is not protected and can therefore be freely used.
  • M"CAM DOORS" - Patent analysis based competitive intelligence and due diligence empowering you to manage your innovation and your business accessed via the web
    M"CAM DOORS" is a standard patent risk management and analysis tool for determining the unique commercial opportunities and threats of patents issued, and applied for, in the United States and around the world.
    Key functions: Identifying and cataloguing issued patents by company or technology area; Rating a patent for its uniqueness; reliance on related patents; Enforcement potential ranking patent clusters by relevance to a given criteria
  • Delphion - online destination for researching patents
    Delphion Research is a very popular online destination for researching patents based on technologies originally developed by IBM (also known as Intellectual Property Network.
    Key functions: Citation Link - creates graphical maps of forward and backward references; Snapshot - allows quick online analysis of your results using bar charts; PatentLab-II - supports offline analysis of results with 3D graphs and charts; Clustering - performs keyword-based linguistic analysis; Productivity products - such as Data Extract, Work Files, Saved Searches, Alerts
  • - online destination for researching patents delivers complete multi-page patent documents direct to your desktop, printer, or emailbox. Their online archive includes patents from the USPTO, EPO, WIPO (PCT), Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland.
    Key functions: Citation Link - creates graphical maps of forward and backward references; Multi-page files - patents are delivered as a single file containing all of the patent pages; Bulk Delivery - retrieve a list of patents with a single command; AutoSearch - automate the periodic re-execution of search queries; Hyper-compressed CPC file format - CPC files average just 1/6th the size of the standard TIFF or PDF files used by other patent services
  • PatBase - developed by Minesoft which is a forefront of today's patent information market.
    PatBase is a searchable patent database covering 28 million patent families with historical information dating back to the early 1900s. Developed in partnership with RWS Group, PatBase offers a wealth of innovative features. PatBase allows for simpler, more rapid searching and clear, logical display and it is the only commercial patent information database to be designed by professional patent searchers.
  • - SIP provides all patent data necessary to deduct a patent strategy.
    Since 1968 the Inpadoc database is one of the most extensive collections of international patents. It comprises the bibliographic patent data of more than 70 countries and, in addition, the legal status data of 24 patent offices. The database comprises nearly 40 millions of documents at the present time (Search4IP Free Edition Beta 1).
  • IP Newsflash Patent Family Search - Free service.
    This free service allows you to search for patent families complete with their legal status based on INPADOC data. The service was implemented using PHP, XSL and Open Patent Services.
    Enter a valid publication number such as WO0069863, AU5140000, US6359159 or DE10196055T and press the "Search"-button.
  • SIP - Software for Intellectual Property GmbH - online tool focussing on patent strategies
    SIP provides all patent data necessary to deduct a patent strategy.
    Key functions: Legal status of patents / Patent applications - legal status is indicated for each member of the family; Observation of patents / Patent applications - draws up a list of patent numbers wished to observe; Bulk Delivery - retrieve a list of patents with a single command; Search - Search in more than 36 million documents; Graphic Evaluations - use the Invention Navigator which automatically loads the original documents from freely accessible patent servers free of charge
  • PatentMatic - a free service.
    From the PatentMatic website, you can download European (EP), United States (US), WO or Japanese (JP) patents as multi-page Pdf documents. Use PatentMatic download form to enter the country code then the patent number followed by the optional kind code (A1, B2 etc.). Unless you require something unusual the latter can be left blank and common codes will be searched for.
  • Google Patent Search - a free service.
    Google has released its Google Patent Search, where the internet end-users can search [for free] more than 7 million patents issued by the USPTO. Google Patent Search makes easy to search the full text of the U.S. patent and find patents of certain interest. Start your exploration at and/or try Advanced Patent Search page to search by criteria, including patent number, inventor, and filing date. Original patent documents available online for viewing.
Maintenance - Renewals/Annuities
  • Computer Patent Annuities Limited Partnership - patent, design and trade mark renewals worldwide service
    Formed in 1969 by patent attorneys, CPA offers the full Intellectual Property management solution to companies, individuals, IP attorneys and other organisations.
    Note: CPA's clients can manage their own portfolio directly the "CPA Direct" online portfolio management tool.
  • Computer Packages Inc.
    CPI is, and has been for 35 years, the world's largest supplier of Patent and Trademark Management Systems. Recently, CPI has introduced a totally new concept to patent management. Your keying and error risk are reduced and data availability is significantly increased.
  • Dennemeyer & Co., Inc.
    Since 1962, Dennemeyer has established itself as the premier resource for full-service, global IP management capabilities. With a diverse client-base including some of the world's most highly regarded IP organizations, Dennemeyer's reputation for high quality, cost-effective service is unmatched in the industry.
  • Worldwide Renewal Management Services - SGA²
    Worldwide Renewal Management Services - SGA² specialise in intellectual property annuity management. Also, SGA² manages trademark renewals and IP recordals (registrations of change in ownership). SGA² guarantees a high quality service to ensure the most cost-effective management of annuituies.
  • Global IP Estimator"
    Global IP Estimator" generates immediate worldwide cost estimates for patent, trademark and design applications.
    Note: Global IP Estimator" provides FREE version of the software for test
Corporate IP Insurance
  • Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC)
    Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC) is a complete intellectual property (IP) service organization, focusing mainly upon insurance products relating to the legal enforcement of intellectual property rights.
For Public Utility
  • FreePatentsOnline
    The FreePatentsOnline search engine is recommended as one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web. FreePatentsOnline offers numerous computed fields such as backward and forward citation counts, median reference age, claims counting, and more.
  • PatenTest
    PatenTest specialises in patent data mining and caters inventors at the primary, most important stage on their path from idea to patent " the originality clearance stage. Main Patentest' tools available online: PatenTest GetFile" - Download original worldwide patent documents for free; Patentest Legal" - Get free family & legal status for patents worldwide; and Patentest AgentFinder" - Find a patent agents/attorneys in your location.
  • Patent Analysis
    Patent Analysis Ltd was formed in 2005 to provide access to niche patent databases, accessed using powerful search technology from Reel Two Ltd.
  • Peer-to-Patent
    Peer-to-Patent is a groundbreaking initiative organized by New York Law School in cooperation with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that "blows the doors" off of the patent examination process, opening it up to public participation for the first time in history.
  • Patent Tools
    The tools on this site are supposed assist you in saving time when performing analysis of patents.
  • DataStar
    DataStar provides access to over 350 databases with worldwide coverage. DataStar offers an extremely comprehensive collection of business information, including news, industry analysis, and market research.
  • Patent Lens
    Patent Lens is provided by CAMBIA, a non-profit organization based in Canberra.
  • Patent Prosecution Tools
    U.S. Patent Prosecution Tools for Patent Attorneys and Agents.
  • USPTO Toolbar
    An Internet Explorer browser plug-in for facilitating access to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office patent database.
  • USPTO Proxy
    Written by David J. Stein, Esq. ... allows the user to query the database of patents and patent applications with a standard "advanced".
  • freePat0.88b
    freePat is a Windows program loosely based on this script. It also supports international patents (available only from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine).
  • Patent Retriever - Free patent PDF download
    Patent Retriever - FREE download of US, European and PCT patent applications as PDF files without annoying user registration or logos inserted on pages.
  • IP Menu News - The Latest Intellectual Property Resource New
  • Document Kind Codes in Patent Databases
    A list shows the codes for the kind of document used in the international databases Chemical Abstracts, INPADOC, and Derwent World Patents Index, together with a short explanation of their meaning.
  • MicroPatent Patent Document Kind Codes
    Note: MPI-INPADOC Plus uses DOC.DB kind codes when they are available, and INPADOC kind codes when DOC.DB codes are not available.
  • PCTFILER - Affordable National Stage Entry or EPVALIDATION - Affordable European Validation
    Note: The PCTFILER estimate wizard is a simple step-by-step process, where you'll be asked a number of questions about your PCT application. Then, the system will then use this information to give you an instant cost estimate tailored to your particular PCT application.

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