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  • ...Venice granted 10-year monopolies to inventors of silkmaking devices in the 1200s
  • ...the earliest known English patent for invention was granted by Henry VI to Flemish-born John of Utynam in 1449 (20-year monopoly for a method of making stained glass)
  • ...in 1474 Venice passed first patent statute
  • ...in 1611, Simon Sturtevat - England decided of his own free will to "lodge" an outline to his invention with the promise of more details later (a provisional application like today!)
  • ...in 1624, the Queen of England passed the Statute of Monopolies
  • ...in USA, the first patent was granted by the Masachusetts General Court to Samuel Winslow in 1641 for a novel method of making salt
  • ...after 1716, in England, it became a condition for all applicants that they have to lodge a written description "within a resonable time"
  • ...in 1790, the fee for a US Patent was $4.00
  • ...Brazil was the fourth country in the world to enact patent protection legislation,under Emperor Dom Joćo VI, in 1809
  • ...Mary Kies was the first woman to receive a patent for an invention relating to "weaving straw with silk or thread" (May 5, 1809)
  • ...Walter Hunt sold the rights for his patent "Safety Pin" (1849) for four hundred dollars
  • ...In 1873, Louis Pasteur received a patent for "Improvements in the process of making beer"
  • ...Thomas Alva Edison received a patent on the "Electric light bulb" in 1880.
    Edison emerges from the history of patents as one of the most prodigious inventors of all times, with an extraordinary 1093 patents to his name
  • ...the great physicist, Albert Einstein, worked as a patent examiner in Switzerland for a few years just after the turn of the century
  • ...on August 18, 1931, plant patent number 1 was issued to Henry Bosenberg for a "climbing rose"
  • ...some of those "high tech" computer ideas out there are read clear back to the early 'fifties in Ernst Elmer's patent US2856595 filed in June of 1954
  • ...more than 37 million patent documents have been published so far around the world
  • ...the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch is subject to an Australian Industrial Design Application (3551/5 Nov.98)? The team of G A & L Harrington and Blue Sky Design won the tender to design and produce the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch.

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