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PLATONIC HOOD Patents on Line Australia's Registered Trade Mark®

PLATONIC HOOD Patents on Line Australia is a NSW registered partnership business name, with ABN U2024337, and is tailored to provide online consulting services on Intellectual Property matters for small/medium sized businesses and individuals. The same name is associated with a logo in a original graphic representation, and registered as Trade Mark which can be also identified through its number: 708120.

PLATONIC HOOD Patents on Line Australia’s primary services include Patent, Trade Mark and Design searching, maintenance, technical support and watching services provided by engineering representatives and professionals in chemistry, physics, mining, electronics, mechanics, civil engineering and computer systems.

PLATONIC HOOD Patents on Line Australia’s goal is to apply customer-focused logistics by understanding the needs and value of each customer or client’s class and to design and deliver distinct bundles of logistics services. These specialised services are designed to be comprehensive, efficient, accurate, timely, and competitively priced.
Our main category of customers include individual inventors, patent attorneys and agents, business people, researchers, competitive-intelligence analysts, entrepreneurs, students, historians, and the general public.

Meeting customer/client’s requirements is the most fundamental of PLATONIC HOOD Patents on Line Australia’s business objective. More and more public service providers have come to realise that all customers are not created equal. Differences include such considerations as their size, requirements, value, and cost to serve. As a result, most of the business people have developed customer segment-distinct marketing programs and product offerings to better compete and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This "customer-focused" concept is rapidly evolving in logistics and providing both financial and service advantages to those companies that master it.

Motives for entering business?!? The business idea it comes form a broad experience gained over twelve years dealing with Intellectual Property matters at all levels, personal observations made while working in this area, and carrying out various duties with different positions held.
The major issue facing the Industrial Property system is that most of the people do not understand the system, or how to use it effectively. While there is a range of other factors which impact on developing and marketing new technologies, products and services, such as costs and time-consuming process, the electronic information sources move increasingly away from the traditional framework conditions established for a such long time by the professional investigators and legal practitioners.

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