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Patents Online Pty Ltd' web site, through its content, is a free resource made available for all our online guests (professionals and/or casual individuals) interested in Intellectual Property related information (e.g. patents, trademarks, industrial design, copyright etc.) and any business activity involving an existing valuable IP capital and/or certain IP ownership rights. In addition, a cost-effective pre-employment screening service is provided to match world-class IP professional staffing demand and total free-service to all job seekers searching for their next exciting job opportunity within IP area.

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Patent - General Requirements to File a Patent Application
Patent - Patent Kind Codes on Specifications
Patent - Filing a Patent Application - Road Map
Patent - General
Patent - Australian Patent Application Number Ranges
Patent - Case Study
Patent - European Patent Office - Member States
Patent - IP Australia - Patent Administrative Forms
Patent - Great Britain Patent Number Ranges (1916 - 1981)
Patent - Patent Hotlinks
Patent - HOW to apply for?
Patent - Inventor's Association of Australia NSW (Inc.)
Patent - 'INID' NUMBERS in use on Australian Patent Documents
Patent - How the read the IPC Patent Codes
Patent - Japanese Years - Guide To Patent Application Identification Number
Patent - Quick Tips
Patent - Tools
Patent - US Patent Number Ranges (1836 - 1998)
Patent - WHAT is a Patent?
Patent - WHERE to search for?
Patent - WHO can help?
Patent - Why US Patent?!

           TRADE MARKS
Trade Mark - Case study
Trade Mark - International Classification of Products and Services
Trade Mark - International Classification of Products and Services (old)
Trade Mark - IP Australia - Trade Mark Administrative Forms
Trade Mark - HOW to apply for?
Trade Mark - General
Trade Mark - Quick Tips
Trade Mark - Tools
Trade Mark - WHAT is a Trade Mark?
Trade Mark - WHERE to search for?
Trade Mark - WHO can help?

Design - Case study
Design - General
Design - IP Australia - Design Administrative Forms
Design - HOW to apply for?
Design - Quick Tips
Design - Tools
Design - WHAT is a Design?
Design - WHERE to search for?
Design - WHO can help?

Copyright - Case study
Copyright - HOW to apply for?
Copyright - General
Copyright - Quick Tips
Copyright - Tools
Copyright - WHAT is Copyright?
Copyright - WHERE to search for?
Copyright - WHO can help?

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