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Patents Online Business Newsletter Octomber, 1999 - Volume No. 1 Issue No. 2
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New game - Cashflow For Kids

Robert Kiyosaki launched a new board game called Cashflow For Kids. It teaches children financial skills such as saving, managing investments, and preventing debts. The game is aimed at kids aged six years and older.

Cashflow For Kids has been patented by Cashflow Technologies Inc - Australian Application Nr: 55860/98, or PCT/US97/20775, or US 5,826,878.

Board game for teaching fundamental aspects of personal finance, investing and accounting
Cashflow For Kids

News - Headlines...

  • US Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Acting Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
    Mr Q. TODD DICKINSON How sounds to you Dickinson's goal of making all 6 million plus patents and one million plus trademarks available free on the Internet by 2001?...
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  • Patent Infringement ...
    Imatec has filed a $1.1 billion patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, related to Apple's Color Sync color management systems.
    ( more...)

  • Company reportedly withdraws Linux trademark claim ...
    A software integration company that recently registered the name Linux as a trademark with German patent authorities, has now reportedly made moves to withdraw the request.
    ( more...)

  • Palm sues Microsoft over trademark ...
    Palm filed suit against Microsoft on Monday in Germany and Wednesday in Italy...
    ( more...)

  • Switzerland: Courts Expand Rights of Parallel Importers ...
    Parallel imports were the decade's biggest IP issue in Switzerland. The good news is that as a result of several recent court rulings, the issue has been largely resolved. The bad news is that the resolution is not likely to please IP owners.
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  • The world's largest synthetic gene ...
    Tony Weiss, head of the molecular biology and biotechnology laboratory at Sydney University, has won this year's Amersham Pharmacia Biotechnology Medal from the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for work on human elastin.
    The Sydney scientists are patenting their gene, which they believe could become a money spinner for Australia.
    ( more...)

  • Monash University has set up Australia's first authorised Java data-language campus ...
    Professor Steele said the launch of the campus last week saw Monash join a network of 14 other international universities with authorised academic Java campuses including the University of Kent in the UK, the University of Pittsburgh in the US and Moscow State Engineering Institute in Russia.
    ( more...)

  • Olympics programs to meet year deadline ...
    Rowing Australia's lawyers wrote to Sony last week raising concerns the advertisement contained "imagery and intellectual property of Rowing Australia".
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  • Academic consultancies and fiduciary duty in protection of assets - including intellectual property ...
    The new investigation and potential shake-up dates back to May last year, when a PhD engineer-consultant notified the UNSW Internal Audit Office of what he suspected were irregularities at the research centre. These related to the use of university staff and resources by a private company and potential conflict of interest.
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