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Patents Online Business Newsletter Volume No. 2 Issue No. 12
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Review of Intellectual Property Legislation under the Competition Principles Agreement

This report considers the effects on competition of Australia's intellectual property laws -- that is, the Copyright Act 1968, Patents Act 1990, Trade Marks Act 1995, Designs Act 1906 and Circuit Layouts Act 1989. It examines these effects in light of the objectives of this legislation and of the Competition Principles Agreement. Click here for more details.


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News - Headlines...

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will begin publishing patent applications...
    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will begin publishing, for the first time, patent applications filed on or after November 29, 2000 eighteen months after the effective filing date of the application. Applications will be published electronically and will be available on the Internet at Publication of patent applications before a patent is granted is one of the most fundamentally significant changes to the U.S. patent system in this century, and stems from a statutory mandate contained in the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 (AIPA).
    ( more...)

  • USPTO web database now includes all patents dating from 1790
    The USPTO database now offers the public an additional 1.7 terabytes of full-page images for the 4,204,863 US patents issued from 1790 through 1975. Patents issued from 1790 through 1975 are searchable by patent number and current US patent classification; patents issued from 1976 to the most recent issue week are searchable by full-text fields that now include current US classification data. To facilitate database searches, USPTO's Manual of Classification has been enhanced to help users find all patents in a particular category of invention.
    ( more...)

  • Policies concerning Business Method Patents
    With the recent dramatic developments related to the spread of information technology (IT), more and more patent applications for IT-related business methods are being filed. So-called business method patents can have great influence on various industries, including those that have not widely utilized the patent system in the past. The Japanese Patent Office (JPO) therefore established and has been publishing policies concerning business method patents.
    ( more...)

  • New Web Portal Offers UK's Innovators a Helping Hand
    The site provides a comprehensive resource for businesses and inventors, with information on copyrights, trade marks, patents and designs. Users will be able to find answers to frequently asked questions, view the latest news and link to other IP-related sites. Special sections deal with IP as it relates to business, education and entertainment and there is information on how to profit from IP.
    ( more...)

  • Gameboy Inventor Left Dead After Fatal Car Accident
    Yokoi, a 56-year old Kyoto native, was riding in a car driven by Etsuo Kisoo, a 49-year old company executive from Kyoto, when their vehicle rear-ended a truck in front of them. The pair had stopped to examine the damage to the two vehicle, when a car driven by Iwao Tsushima of Yamanakamachi, Ishikawa Prefecture, struck the two men.
    His accomplishments include: the Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Pocket and extensive work on the system we know today as the Nintendo Entertainment System. ( more...)

  • Inventor of integrated circuit receives Nobel Prize
    Former Texas Instruments engineer Jack Kilby shares the $915,000 award with two other scientists who were named for additional work that helped create modern information technology.
    Kilby built the first integrated circuit consisting of a single transistor, some resistors and capacitors connected on a single piece of germanium on Sept. 12, 1958. ( more...)

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