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Patents Online Business Newsletter February, 2000 - Volume No. 2 Issue No. 2
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Revoking of 'dash' Domains begins

The discovery recently by Network Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: NSOL) that 846 domains had been registered using a dash mark as the last character in the name (for example,, or prompted the Virginia-based company to promptly implement a fix preventing more names from being registered.
At least one of the names registered,, involved a registered trademark, causing officials to speculate that allowing the dash mark could encourage cybersquatting.
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News - Headlines...

  • USPTO announces first patent and trademark of new millennium.
    The first patent for the new millennium was issued on January 4, 2000, to Leonard Siprut from San Diego for a multiple component headgear system. Patent No. 6,009,555 is a sun visor/eye shield for surfers, kayakers, bikers, and athletes in other extreme sports. In contrast, the first patent issued in 1900 was to Louis Allard, of Utah, for an early version of the washing machine.
    The first trademark for 2000 (No. 2,305,025) was also registered on January 4 to Origins Natural Resources Inc., a cosmetics company, and its design. The first trademark issued in 1900 that is still in use is for Cream of Wheat and its design, registered January 23, 1900.
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  • IBM repeats at top of USPTO's annual list of 10 organizations receiving most patents.
    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has announced the top ten private sector patent recipients for the 1999 calendar year. Listed below are the ten corporations receiving the most patents for inventions in 1999, along with their ranking last year. For the seventh straight year, IBM received more utility patents than any other private sector organization.
    The ten organizations with the most patents in 1999 consist of three U.S. corporations, six Japanese corporations, and one corporation from the Republic of Korea.
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  • UN starts $25 mln project to automate...
    Xerox Professional Services U.K. , Cap Gemini (France) and Hewlett Packard have been awarded a contract to develop a comprehensive computer system for managing the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) said.
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  • Case Has Potential to Be Largest in Patent History ...
    Plasma Physics Corporation and Solar Physics Corporation, headquartered in Nassau County, New York, filed a patent infringement suit last week against major Japanese and Korean companies
    The suit, filed on December 28, 1999, in the Eastern District of New York (Civil Action No. 99-8593), has been assigned to Judge Arthur D. Spatt in the Uniondale Courthouse. Defendants include Fujitsu Limited; Hitachi Ltd.; Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.; LG Electronics, Inc.; Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Advanced Display, Inc.; NEC Corporation; Oki Electric Industry Company, Ltd.; Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; Sharp Corporation; Sony Corporation; Toshiba Corporation and Display Technologies, Inc.; and certain of their United States subsidiaries.
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  • First Australian Trade Mark Application field of the new millennium...
    ... is "SCARABWORKS" (818758) for which has been applyed by Mr Jeffrey John Austin for "Provision of technical and procedural advice, preparation of research reports" category of service
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