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Patents Online Business Newsletter April 2000, Volume No. 2 Issue No. 4
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Australian Science Nobel Prize Winners
  • Peter Doherty won the 1996 Nobel Prize for Medicine for work in immunology.
  • Sir John Warcup Cornforth won the 1975 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work on the structure of living matter.
  • Sir John Carew Eccles won the 1963 Nobel Prize in Medicine for work on brain physiology and the nervous system.
  • Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet won the 1960 Nobel Prize in Medicine for work on acquired immunological tolerance to tissue transplants.
  • Sir Howard Florey won the 1945 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the development of penicillin into an anti-bacterial drug.

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News - Headlines...

  • WIPO Addresses First Country Code Cyber Dispute. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center received its first domain name dispute involving a country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) this month. The case concerns the domain name "" - "NU" being the country code for the Pacific Ocean island nation of Niue. This is the first case received by the Center outside the system for resolving generic top-level domain name disputes (gTLD, such as .com, .net, .org). The Center has so far received just over 200 gTLD related-cases from parties in some 40 countries.
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  • The patent failed to exclude human tissue...
    A European patent has been granted by mistake to researchers at Edinburgh University which critics say could lead to human cloning.
    The German Government decided at a recently meeting to demand the withdrawal of the patent because of an error which failed to make clear that the approval did not apply to human tissue.
    Justice Minister Herta Daeubler-Gmelin told the country's parliament after the meeting: "The Patent Office's decision was legally and ethically wrong."
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  • For a better golf swing, put lead in your hat!
    Golf pros may tell you that success is all in your head, but an Australian inventor believes what is on your head can be just as important.
    Roy Halle, a 55-year-old mechanical engineer from Sydney, found the wind was blowing his hat off when he was golfing, so he attached some solder wire to it to weigh it down.
    He found to his surprise that not only did this keep his hat on his head - it also appeared to improve his swing.
    Mr Halle has filed a 30 page patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva and formed the Stability Golf Company.
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  • Trademark for turmeric?
    India has not always been so generous. Nor for that matter have other countries. The most common practice with intellectual property these days is to find out if someone owns it already and, if not, make a grab for it.
    In Old Delhi's main wholesale spice market, known as Masala Mandi, chillies, coriander, cumin, nutmeg - the contents of an entire spice cupboard are displayed. Some spices are in bins, others are heaped in towering aromatic cones of brightly coloured powder - red, brown and the brilliant yellow of turmeric, known in Hindi as haldi.
    For Indians turmeric is more than a way of colouring or flavouring a curry, it's also a traditional medicine that's been used in this country for thousands of years.
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  • 'Herbal fuel' inventor arrested...
    A self-taught scientist who became famous in India as the inventor of a herbal fuel for cars has been arrested.
    Federal investigators in Madras are alleging that Ramar Pillai cheated the public by selling stolen industrial chemicals as motor fuel. Mr Pillai made his claim to fame three years ago when he announced that he had come up with a method of extracting a fuel from certain unspecified Indian herbs and that vehicles could run on it. He has now been accused by the Central Bureau of Investigation of fraud, of making his fuel from a mixture of chemicals that could damage vehicles and using chemicals stolen from refineries too.
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  • Inventor brings mobility to disabled
    An inventor from south Wales who devoted seven years of his life to creating a "super Zimmer frame" and hopes to be able to help thousands of elderly and disabled people.
    Edward Reed, 45, from Dunvant, near Swansea, has invested 40,000 of his own money to perfect the Power Pacer machine. The frame is powered by a battery pack and allows users to steer their way around obstacles and even climb steps.
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