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Patents Online Business Newsletter June,2000 - Volume No. 2 Issue No. 6
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IP Australia - Trade Marks - Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (Madrid Protocol)

The Australian Government is considering whether or not it will join the Madrid Protocol, which is a system of international registration of trade marks.

The Protocol allows applicants to seek protection in any of the contracting states, by submitting, through their national trade marks office, a single application with one set of fees and in one language. Currently there are forty-four contracting states, including Japan, the United Kingdom, European Union countries and China. The United States of America has recently announced that it is proceeding towards accession.

Prior to the Government making a decision on whether or not to accede, IP Australia is undertaking a consultation process as input to a National Interest Analysis. Public comments on the proposal to accede to the Madrid Protocol are invited and should be received by the Trade Marks Office before 19 May 2000. Unless it is indicated to the contrary at the time the comments are made, it will be assumed that they are not confidential.

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IP Australia is seeking people for Trade Marks Examination , APS Level 3 - Several Positions...
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News - Headlines...

  • Invention would let users transmit smells over the Internet.
    REHOVOT, Israel (AP) -- Your computer could start smelling like a rose or a garbage dump, now that two Israeli scientists say they have figured out how to transmit scent through the Internet.
    David Harel and Doron Lancet, professors at Israel's prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science, and their partners have applied for patents for their computer smell system, said Yivsam Azgad, the institute's spokesman. "This is in the beginning stages," he added.
    The system will use a device that recreates scents from about 150 basic elements. On the sending end, an artificial nose would pick up the scent at the source and convert it to a computer file for transmission, or a scent could be bought on the Internet, say the scientists.
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  • Neem tree patent revoked...
    The European Patent Office has revoked a patent granted six years ago on an anti-fungal product, which uses seeds from the neem tree grown widely in India.
    The neem tree has been used for centuries as a medicine, insecticide and contraceptive.
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  • Canada to appeal WTO drug-patent ruling
    OTTAWA (Reuters) -- Canada it would appeal a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that may force Ottawa to extend the life of up to 100,000 pharmaceutical and other patents by three years, siding with the United States.
    Canada is likely to lodge its appeal in mid-June and the WTO will then deliver a final, binding ruling some two months after that. The Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association -- which represents the generic drug makers -- applauded Ottawa's decision to appeal.
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  • Online-coupon companies battle over patents...
    Just look at the players taking cases to court: names like Qualcomm, (AMZN) , and Microsoft (MSFT) . A wide spectrum of Internet companies are jealously protecting their intellectual property and hoping that judges might find in their favor. Of course, the broader the patent, the better a company's chances of future economic benefit. But some industry observers complain that overly broad patents are being granted and that the life of a patent should be shorter. However, patents still remain an important part of doing business on the Net.
    Von Kohorn's patents cover ways of generating product coupons at remote locations, including interactive TV and kiosks. His patents have been licensed to many of the top Net coupon firms, including Catalina,, Val-Pak, BrightStreet and CoolSavings.

    CoolSavings also has been awarded its own patent, which covers a system of "issuing electronic certificates through online networks of personal computers, TV or other devices with video monitors or telephones." It has taken action against other online-coupon firms, suing a number of companies in order to collect licensing fees. Some of these firms, including Catalina, Planet U and, have countersued. The litigation seems endless and expensive.
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  • Veggie-eating invention competition seeks to make food fun...
    (CNN) -- Perhaps the most famous vegetable invention ever was the Veggie-matic. But a recent contest featured inventions that neither slice nor dice -- they're supposed to make vegetables more fun to eat.

    To promote the 75th birthday of the Green Giant, the company asked kids to compete at the National Veggie Eating Invention Contest at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Museum in Washington.
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