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Patents Online Business Newsletter Volume No. 2 Issue No. 8
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IP Australia - Important GST Update For Customers

GST is not payable on any of IP Australia's statutory fees and charges. IP Australia's statutory fees and charges such as examination fees for patents, trade mark and design application and registration fees, and renewal fees have all been included in the Treasurer's Determination. As a result, they will not attract GST and their prices will be unaffected by the introduction of the GST. Click here for more details.


Qvo Vadis?!
Frustrated Australian inventor uses net to find offshore funding - Full story
(Kerry O'Brien - "7.30 Report", ABC TV, 21/7/00)

2000 Expo Online - Australian Patents & Inventions

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News - Headlines...

  • Monopoly ...
    In 1933, during the Great Depression, an unemployed Allentown, PA plumber named Charles Darrow invented a game involving Atlantic City real estate. He called it Monopoly and licensed it to Parker Brothers. That was more than sixty five years ago and Darrow's heirs still receive royalty checks every month of the year. And surely will for at least another sixty five years to come.
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  • New Technology Set to Banish Flat Car Batteries
    Flat car batteries could soon be a thing of the past due to a new technology developed by a British automotive innovations company.
    Suffolk-based firm Smartswitch Limited has devised the Smartswitch relay system which, when fitted to a car, ensures that the battery voltage is always at a high enough level for the vehicle to start.
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  • 1999 Annual Index of the Canadian Patent Office Record
    CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office)is no longer producing paper copies of the Annual Index previously sent to subscribers of the Canadian Patent Office Record. This .PDF file contains application numbers and the date of publication in the Canadian Patent Office Record listed by document type.
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  • 1999 Inventor of the Year
    The US National Inventor of the Year winner for 1999 was Dr. Curt Civin of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Civin invented a monoclonal antibody that binds to a substance on human stem cells, useful in bone marrow transplants. He also invented a biomedical process to isolate the stem cell component of the blood immune system.
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  • Eureka exhibition in Brussels
    The 49th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies or Brussels Eureka will take place at Brussels Expo (Heysel) Hall 9 from 14 to 20 November 2000.
    It will bring together about 800 participants from 40 countries and will showcase more than 1,200 innovations and inventions, both patented and unprecedented.
    Brussels Eureka is an annual meeting of the leading specialists in research, creators of new technologies, the most important associations of innovators and inventors, technology transfer professionals and official bodies that register applications for patents, trademarks and models.
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  • Rubik´s cube
    The Rubicube, popular puzzle and colorful brainchild of Enro Rubik.
    The Cube has been invented in spring 1974, when the twentynine year old Rubik discovered it was not so easy to realign the colors to match on all six sides. He discovered certain sequences of moves for rearranging just a few Cubies at a time, within a month he had the puzzle solved and an amazing journey lay ahead.
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  • IP Australia - Official Notice
    The Trade Marks Office is implementing changes to its cross-class searching list for conflicting goods and services, as part of our programme to improve quality and consistency.
    These changes will be implemented on Monday 17 July 2000.
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