Patents - General Requirements to File a Patent Application

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NOTE: Applications for patents must be made to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks.

1. A complete application filed must comprise:

1.1 A specification, including a claim or claims

1.2 An oath or declaration

1.3 Drawings, when necessary

1.4 The prescribed filing fee

2. A Provisional Patent application filed must comprise:

2.1 A cover sheet identifying:

2.1.1 The application as a provisional application

2.1.2 The name or names of the inventor or inventors

2.1.3 The residence of each named inventor

2.1.4 The title of the invention

2.1.5 The name and registration number of the attorney or agent (if applicable)

2.1.6 A reference number used by the person filing the application to identify the application (if applicable)

2.1.7 The correspondence address

2.1.8 The name of the Patent Attorney (if applicable)

2.2 A specification (see the Patent Guide - IP Australia)

2.3 Drawings, when necessary

2.4 The prescribed filing fee

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