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The Inventors Society Of Australia (NSW)

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For meetings and details, please see below the information as provided by Stuart Fox on 12 Jan. 2005 or contact the association.



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"If   you can  do  something  or  dream you  can,  then begin  it,   for boldness  has  magic and  genius  in it"



If you have an idea or invention are considering developing it (or investing in / purchasing rights for another persons idea), the Inventors Association of Australia would like to help you succeed. We explain all the facets of innovation you need to know about for your particular project, including assessing, control, patenting (including USA) development, funding, selling, royalties grants so that you ar rewarded & recognised for your ideas & efforts.


We explain all the facts & options - many you may not hear or read about anywhere else -       FACTS SOME  OTHERS  CAN’T, DON’T  OR  WON’T TELL


The Inventors Association is a non-profit organisation – run by experienced innovators with technical & business backgrounds who are keen & happy to share their knowledge to help guide new inventors in the assessment, development & promotion of their innovations - primarily on a mentoring basis – practical one-to-one personalised help by telephone, individual contact counseling, educational meetings & / or seminars, rather than the tedious go-it-alone approach.

This brief introduction’s purpose is to summarise the range of innovation issues you need to be aware about, independently of or complimentary to professionals you may consult, as well asour wide range of education & advice from which you may benefit greatly.

Our advice is based on many years of doing-it-ourselves + meeting with & studying the experiences of numerous inventors in Australia & overseas – successful & sadly, otherwise – listening to them, answering their questions, networking,  researching  &  RELATING  to recent  inventors  the skills  of  what  works  &  doesn’t,   in the broad field often referred to as Intellectual Property or IP. We also promote the history & appreciation of international & Australian inventions & inventors for general interest & to inspire others to develop ideas.

We want to help you achieve success & recognition while bringing your idea/s from the concept stage to commercialisation, PREFERABLY IN AUSTRALIA, (& overseas) so that you & others may benefit from use of your innovation & Australia benefits economically.

You don't have to reveal  your idea to obtain our help in understanding  inventing steps & the patent system.

THE KEY POINTS FOR PROGRESS in this field include good innovations, tenacity, knowledge & ultimately, strategy for  success. You provide the first two ingredients – we guide you with the  rest  &  show you  how to  do  it  yourself !  We are positive that with our input you have a far greater likelihood of advancing your innovations whilst avoiding the numerous frustrations & misunderstandings incurred by many inventors – unfruitful expenditure of time, effort & finance in less feasible directions.

Our mentors have been there & done that! We assure you of unbiased advice, confidentiality & integrity at all times. We always endeavor to provide realistic & constructive opinions of innovations + the reasons why, to help you determine project strategy.

TECHNICAL: Inventors are provided with comprehensive technical advice & guided in assessing the practicalities & necessity of their ideas, patentability, making prototypes & low cost tooling, self manufacturing, including unique techniques & processes involving metals, plastics & fabrics etc, as well as home workshop or even 'kitchen table' casting & forming, for trial runs & test marketing.

BUSINESS: IAA can inform you about  grants, taxation breaks for small manufacturing businesses & minimisation of tax for inventors who license their innovations.  Also discussed are issues such as  costing, royalty agreements, contracts, rates & audits, business planning, financing, venture capital, & free publicity.  We tell you about Australian & international competitions, prizes & exhibitions (including occasional shared economical displays arranged by our association).  Information on company incorporation, partnerships, sole trading, business name registration, patent infringement & product liability insurance is also provided.  We help you identify statistics, business, technical & other issues relevant to your innovation / project .


Facts indicate you are more likely to succeed in promoting your idea yourself rather than expecting others to do it for a fee  –  ask  IAA why & how.

BEWARE – Despite invention promoters large fees over many years, success is unheard of - promoters claimconfidentiality “ - they would - contrary information is invited - we will publicise.

IP ‘PROTECTION’: Information about patent criteria, applications & forms can be provided concerning appropriate types of ‘protection’ available to safeguard inventors’ interests in Australia (& overseas, particularly USA) as well as statutory rights & obligations under government regulations such as safety standards & product descriptions  –  all the advice you need to promote project viability.

Two   types   of  Patents,   having   important   differences,  exist   now  - Standard Patents ( lasting 20 years  –  Question  – extendable?  Answer  –  sometimes  /  rarely)  & Innovation Patents ( 8 years) + Registered Designs, Trademarks, Trade Secrets & Copyright.  Ideas involving business schemes, games, electronics, circuit layouts, computer software, plants, drugs, mixtures, recipes, improvements & combinations ( including existing products / inventions ) etc require special consideration.  We can also explain many specialised aspects of IP including divisional patents, infringement, non-disclosure / confidentiality & non-confidentiality / company agreements etc. 

Patents  – briefly – concern function, a method or a process while Registered Designs concern appearance.  Not all ideas are patentable yet they may be protectable to extents in other ways & / or still be the basis for a good business - strategy helps! Independent & unbiased advice is essential prior to expenditure. It is also essential to understand your rights under the various forms of IP & to appreciate the difference between applying to patent the objective of an invention (limited) & means  of  achieving  that  objective.

SEARCHING:  To help you avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel’ or infringing a current patent, advice on prior products / patent records searching (by a patent attorney, professional searcher or yourself) & Internet information, is also available.   In some countries (especially USA) there are important & evolving variations in what may be patented, procedure&/ or terms (words) used.   Patents may be an excellent source of technical information.

The staff of IP AUSTRALIA are amongst the most helpful of any government department & are not permitted to comment on INDIVIDUAL matters    -    The Inventors Association can!

IP Australia  is the Federal Government Intellectual Property, ie Patent, Trade Marks & Designs Office.  Unlike Canberra based  Patent Examiners,  IP A  receptionists & counter staff are generally non technical clerks.   IPA  &  IAA do not provide legal  advice.

AN AUSTRALIAN PATENT APPLICATION    accompanied by (preferably) a Provisional (‘temporary’) or Standard / Innovation patent specification may establish an internationally recognised & critical priority date /  (offensive ) right  ‘protection’ & should be lodged before publicly disclosing an idea.

This may best be prepared by a patent attorney or ('Provisional' only) if necessary, at low cost if the inventor, following easy guidelines, can draw a simple un-dimensioned sketch & provide a written description of the idea including certain criteria.

It is VITAL to understand the requirements for a valid & effective patent application  +  optimum timing!

THE INTERNATIONAL PATENT APPLICATION KIT is now available whilst despite increasing harmonization of global patent laws there isn't an international ’ or ‘ world patent ’ yet!  However, applications may still be advantageously initiated in groups of countries (over 100) by lodging a single application in Australia.   You need to appreciate this situation  +  cost minimization  –  we explain .

AMERICA:  Recent legislation in USA enhances Australians' rights there, generally considered the most attractive market (population nearly 300 million people v. 20million Australians) even if you have inadvertently lost the rights to a valid patent in Australia & / or elsewhere.

If the necessity arises, you must understand how to utilise the various unique aspects of US patent laws, including their cost free priority date establishment procedure, Inventors Record Notebook, Document Disclosure, First to Invent System, Interference Proceedings & indeed evolving IP laws of Australia as well as other countries, including patent Grace Periods (limits).

MISCONCEPTIONS: Apart from the ' World Patent ' myth mentioned above, numerous other misunderstandings abound in the inventing / patenting field.

Some examples: (a) It is very important to appreciate that there is no such thing as a 'PROVISIONAL PATENT' - The patent office (IP Aust) doesn't accept or grant you a 'provisional patent' & doesn't even advise if your ‘Patent Application Accompanied By A Provisional Specification’ is valid or correctly prepared (so what is it?). (b) Any limits with a provisional specification.’ ? & (c)Is it extendable? Can an idea be;  (d)  Protected by a registered & sealed, self-addressed letter? - NO! (e)  Circumvented by altering by say 10%?    (f)  How much help is a confidentiality agreement - (warnings!) ??? (g) Can a patent application include several inventions? (h) Any $ economies in patenting?

Unfortunately, numerous authors, journalists & lecturers  occasionally give imprecise information which can be fatal for your invention!  See also ‘well meaning advisors’ below.

BENEFITS: Governments may grant control / monopoly rights by way of patents or other IP to innovators in order to encourage & reward developments that create jobs whilst improving life & the economy.  Ideas that assist the disabled & improve the environment are two particularly worthwhile areas of interest for which we can provide advice plus contacts, - e.g. 'The Independent Living Centre' & ‘Technical Aid To The Disabled' are always interested in meeting innovative / skilled people.

THE INVENTORS ASSOCIATION exists to help bring the benefits of innovations to the community as well as guide innovators in safeguarding their rights whilst avoiding the pitfalls of ‘rip-offs’, infringers & some so-called invention promoters / brokers.  We show you how to easily confirm credentials & bona fides of promoters & the experience / expertise of ‘well meaning advisors too.

EXPERTS: While IAA provides a wide range of help from within the organisation, there may be occasions where it is advisable to seek additional input.  We explain the qualifications & importance of patent attorneys - how to locate, select & maximise benefits from professionals including industrial designers & prototype makers etc & optimise fees.  We always invite success stories, including from & regarding promoters.

YOUNG INVENTORS are especially encouraged - we have many well illustrated books on inventing, inventions, scientists, aboriginal & women inventors, biographies, mechanisms & technology for younger readers & students (+ advanced inventors).

Whilst it is preferable to consult an expert, if you have already prepared your own provisional patent specification, as many do, a ‘correctness’ check with our simplified guidelines for younger inventors (which older inventors find useful too) may be a great help on the way to having a complete (Standard or Innovation) patent application professionally prepared later.

INQUIRIES are  welcomed  from  inventors,  the  media,  manufacturers  & investors seeking advice or new products  as  well  as  people interested  in  helping  our  organisation,   sponsoring   competitions  (stimulating innovation),  loaning  or  donating  product  samples or prototypes & literature (including press cuttings) for our museum, library &  showcase project. 

IAA  has  a  range of  display  equipment  available for loan to inventors and other non profit / charity groups  –  especially suitable for art shows etc  –  just ask.

THE AUSTRALIAN INVENTORS HALL OF HONOUR PROJECT    is a vision of the Inventors Association Of Australia which has the objectives of  highlighting the  important contribution our innovators have made to the nation and the world, as well as recognizing them individually.   It will also help inspire others to be innovative whilst providing enhanced facilities to assist and guide.   We welcome nominations for this project together with suggestions and contributions to make it a reality sooner rather than later.

AUSTRALIA has a strong history of important innovations ranging from domestic & commercial aids, Prepaid Postage, Refrigeration & many agricultural inventions to the Black Box Flight Recorder, Bionic Ear & Frozen Embryo Babies  -   


FUTURE.    While we have successfully 'grown or dug up & shipped' our resources & ideas for many years, but poorly commercialised  our  innovations, often we may benefit even more by reversing trends  & transforming  those  resources  ourselves  -  adding  value  nationally  rather  than  merely  exporting  material,  employment  &  ideas  &  importing  goods, services  & IP.

IAA  MENTORS,     who have 'been there &done that', would like to help you join the ranks of successful  inventors & avoid the disappointments & expenses of those unable to launch / commercialise their ideas - sad losses.


None of the above is represented as legal advice. Entire document including titles + phrases "Mentors for Inventors" & "Strategy for Invention Success"- TM  & © SFF ( lic for IAA)

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