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  • ...doing a computerised keyword patent search, you may consider the differences between words with same meanings but diferent spelling in the same family of languages (e.g. tyre - English vs. tire - American)
  • ...most patent professionals offer a "rush" or expedited service for an additional fee
  • ...for a small or medium sized business could be more advantageous to hire an independent contractor than to hire a specialised firm or agency services
  • ...80% of all technical information appears only in patents
  • ...a provisional application is occasionally a good patent tactic, but usually is not. The application must describe the invention in enough detail to enforce inventor's rights if disputes may rise before the patent will be granted
  • ...the protection which a patent gives is defined by the "claims", which indicate what are the essential elements and features of the invention
  • every country, except Canada and the US, you must apply for a patent before there is any public disclosure of your idea
  • ...the US Patent Office keeps a patent application secret until the patent is issued or rejected, at which point it becomes public information

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