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The following Forms are available upon individual request at the IP Australia - Patents-Trade Marks-Designs (IP Australia) or its State Offices. Meanwhile, if you notice any change of the Form ID or Form's Title, please feel free to notify as soon as you can.
TM/00/001 Application to Registrer a Trade Mark
TM/00/002 Application for Extension of Time to File a Notice of Opposition to the Registration
TM/00/003 Notice of Opposition (Form 3)
TM/00/004 Application for an Award of Costs
TM/00/005 Request to Amend a Trade Mark Application or Registration
TM/00/006 Application to Record Assignment or Transmission of a Trade Mark
TM/00/007 Application to Record a Claim to Interest or Right in a Trade Mark
TM/00/008 Application for Removal of the Registration of a Trade Mark
TM/00/009 Request for Renewal of the Registration of a Trade Mark
TM/00/010 Request for Deferment of Acceptance
TM/00/011 Application for Extension of Time under Section 224
TM/00/011(a) Application for Extension of Time (for Application for Registration of a Trade Mark between 15 and 21 months after first report)
TM/00/012 Trade Marks Filing Schedule
TM/00/015 Request for Hearing
TM/00/016 Notice of Withdrawl of an Application
TM/00/017 Payment Trade Mark Registration Fee
TM/00/018 Request for Certified Copies or Photocopies
TM/00/019 Request for Expedited Examination of a Trade Mark Application
TM/00/020 Notification of Change of Name/ Address/Address for Services
TM/01/007 Application for Amendment of Form 1 under Section 65 of Trade Mark Act 1995
TM/01/008(a) Evidence of Use Summary - 1
TM/01/008(b) Evidence of Use Summary - 2
TM/01/008(c) Evidence of Use Summary - 3
TM/01/010 Image Problem Raport
TM/01/011 Trade Mark Examiners Work Sheet
TM/01/014 Wide Report
TM/01/016 Application for Registration of a Person Entitled by Assignment or Transmission
TM/01/017 Trade Mark Office Form IP
TM/01/020 Trade Mark Image Scanning Sheet
TM/01/020s5 Trade Mark Size 5 Scanning Sheet

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