Trade Marks - Quick Tips

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  • ...a Collective Trade Mark cannot be assigned to a new owner at a future date
  • ...a Trade Mark owner should be careful not to deviate from the form of the mark as originally registered
  • ...any use of a Trade Mark without proper ownership recognition, or use as a generic term, can contribute to the loss of Trade Mark rights
  • ...the (r) symbol should never be used with a mark that is not registered
  • ...before a mark is registered but is subject to pending application, the use of the superscript "TM" symbol helps to deter potential infringers
  • ...the superscript "SM" symbol may be used for a
  • service mark
  • ...a Series Trade Mark application can only be for goods or services in one single class
  • ..."all goods", "all services", "all other goods" and "all other services" - are not accepted with the description of the goods or services provided in support of a Trade Mark application
  • ...with a Trade Mark application filed in a country member under the Paris Convention, the applicant come into the rights to claim priority date of filing for the next 6 months, from the filining date, in any other country-member under the Convention

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